“On the boats to Traitor’s gate, that is where you’ll meet your fate!”

Experience the full force of Henry VIII’s wrath in an altogether darker and scarier experience on the Tyrant Boat Ride.

The Jester has condemned you to death for conspiring with Anne Boleyn! You traitors will join her on her final journey along the Thames to The Tower of London, where you’ll meet your fate.

You may lose your head – or get wet! Definitely one of those two!

Along the way, the murderous monarch himself will sentence you to death before intense darkness, choppy waters, scurries of rats and foul stench of sewage will give you a 360 feel for the journey that so many other traitors made during King Henry’s reign.

The Tyrant Boat Ride is optional. If you don’t fancy getting your head chopped off at the Tower, you can skip the ride!

Please note: The Tyrant Boat Ride is a water ride and you will get wet!