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English Heritage cares for over 400 historic monuments, buildings and places – from world-famous prehistoric sites to grand medieval castles, from Roman forts on the edges of an empire to a Cold War bunker.
They protect an internationally-important collection of historic sites and artefacts which span six millennia, from the ancient past to the present day and include palaces, houses, hill figures, castles, abbeys, industrial sites, Roman forts and even deserted medieval villages.


There is nothing quite like Stonehenge anywhere in the world and for 5000 years it has drawn visitors to it. We shall never know what drew people here over the centuries or why hundreds of people struggled over thousands of years to build this monument, but visitors from all over the world come to marvel at this amazing feat of engineering. Before Stonehenge was built thousands of years ago, the whole of Salisbury Plain was a forest of towering pines and hazel woodland. Over centuries the landscape changed to open chalk downland. What you see today is about half of the original monument, some of the stones have fallen down, others have been carried away to be used for building or to repair farm tracks and over centuries visitors have added their damage too. It was quite normal to hire a hammer from the blacksmith in Amesbury and come to Stonehenge to chip bits off. As you can imagine this practice is no longer permitted!

The New Stonehenge Experience
Launched mid-December 2013 the new Stonehenge Experience is now open and offers a completely new look at this essential historical attraction. Access to the stones is now via a shuttle service which departs from the relocated car parks now further away from the stones alongside a new visitor centre. Combined with the closure of one of the busy roads alongside the monument this gives a much more peaceful and atmospheric experience more in keeping with the original intention of the site. You should allow 2 HOURS for a visit to Stonehenge so please bear that in mind when planning itineraries.

PLEASE NOTE: PLEASE NOTE: *Opening times on the summer solstice (20 – 21 June) and the winter solstice (21 Dec) are subject to change. Please refer to English Heritage website for details.

Pre-bookings are essential for both FIT’s & Groups

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Last Updated: 10.12.2020

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Box 36 Room 2/60
The Engine House, Fire Fly Avenue


​CHILD POLICY: 0-4 years FREE, 5-17 years charged at discounted rate (see Tariff).

CANCELLATION POLICY: No charge unless special arrangements have been made (e.g. a guided tour or catering booked) in which case full charges may apply.