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Let Evan Evans take you on an unforgettable journey of discovery into Britain’s rich cultural and historical heritage. Experience local culture firsthand and explore Britain in an immersive and more intimate way, or book tickets for London’s world-famous attractions with Britain’s Finest UK Sightseeing.

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Half Day Tour – No: 13805

Evening Tour – Come and investigate the case for yourself – who was Jack the Ripper?

Included Highlights:
• See some of London’s most ‘ghostly’ haunts
• See where Jack the Ripper found his victims
• Enjoy a taster of traditional fish and chips
• First-class luxury Motor-coach and the services of a professional Tour Guide
< The tour includes a complimentary sample of Fish & Chips served in the traditional way to enjoy whilst on the walking tour. Our tour begins with a coach drive direct to the dark side of London. The Theatre Drury Lane, said to be the most haunted theatre in London, your guide will tell you why! We see the Old Bailey - the site of numerous public hangings, drive along Fleet Street, home of Sweeny Todd - the demon barber of Fleet Street - and his accomplice, Mrs Lovatt, who was said to have baked pies from the flesh of his victims, selling them to unsuspecting customers. As the shadows lengthen, we approach London's East End, a hotbed of crime and vice in the 19th century. During the autumn of 1888, terror struck when Jack the Ripper came out of the fog and dimly lit alleys just long enough to stalk and butcher his five victims. We leave the coach and walk his death trail inspecting the murder sites, deciphering the evidence and discussing the suspects. We will see the 10 Bells Pub, built in 1752 where many of Jack the Ripper's victims were said to have drunk. To this day the case remains unsolved. This is a combination coach/walking tour and will finish at a traditional pub near Trafalgar Square. *This tour is not suitable for children under the age of 12 years. Schedule: 01/04/21-31/03/22: April to October: Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday November to March: Wednesday, Friday & Sunday only. TOUR STARTS: 19.00 hrs, THE EVAN EVANS OFFICE, 258 Vauxhall Bridge Road, Victoria, SW1V 1BS TOUR FINISHES: 22.00 hrs, Trafalgar Square At the start of the tour guests will be issued with a headset featuring a disposable ear-piece. When guests embark on the walking section of the tour, the guide will talk to them through a microphone that is connected to their ear-piece using a radio channel. With no interruptions from background noise or other tour groups, every word becomes crystal clear, creating a more intimate experience!

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​CHILD POLICY: This Tour is not suitable for children under 13 years old.

​CANCELLATION POLICY: 24 hours notice.