Are your tentacles tingling? Are you quivering in anticipation? Well, we can reveal the latest wondrous experience to float in to SEA LIFE London Aquarium is Ocean Invaders: Enter the world of the jellyfish.

We invite visitors to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of the jellyfish in the new sensory experience that will enlighten you to this mysterious, fascinating and beautiful species.

As you float into of this new experience, you will move through three different interactive spaces.
In the first area ‘Discover’ – you’ll explore the world of the jellyfish and find out about their lifecycle and incredible survival skills.
Continue your gelatinous journey in the ‘Understand’ area – where you’ll get to know the various species, the most dangerous, and the most spectacular and have the chance to create your own digital swarm while testing the strength of the jellyfish sting. Finally, enter the ‘Wow’ area where you’ll witness a jaw dropping spectacular and be completely surrounded by the jellyfish invasion.

The significant new investment will make Ocean Invaders the largest jellyfish facility in the UK.

Whether you’re a ‘Jellyfish-ianado’ or just keen to learn all about their wonderful wobbly world, this new experience will take you on a journey of discovery, exploration and delight into one of the ocean’s most elusive and intriguing creatures.

A variety of six species will be on display including the common Moon jellyfish, the Upside Down jellyfish (that lives on its back) and the Japanese Sea Nettles with their long stinging tentacles in beautiful reds and purples.