In response to the ever-changing face of global travel; and with all the resilience, passion and commitment of the UK tourism industry, there have been many initiatives and protocols put in place over the past few months to ensure the safety and security of visitors at all times. We have been compiling detailed lists of all our products, not only with their current status but also supplying a link to their “Covid-19 Safety Guidelines”. These can be used to reassure yourselves as much as your clients of the steps the UK & Ireland are taking and the plans already in place ready for your clients.


We have detailed a comprehensive accommodation portfolio in order to provide our clients with property specific updates on all Covid-19 protocols and new health & safety policies.

A link is provided directly to each hotels’ Covid-safety guidelines page along with the operational status.  This will be amended and updated as things progress and develop.

To see our updated list of Covid-Safe hotels throughout the UK and Ireland click here >>


Working with our core suppliers and in line with government advice we have prepared our “Covid-Safe” procedures for private transfers & guiding for individuals. Expectations can be set with regards to individuals taking private transfers, guiding and extended touring services though ASA. These will remain in place, and continue to be adapted if required, for as long as is deemed necessary according to local Government advice.

Many changes have had to be made in the way in which guests are greeted, luggage is handled and embarking / disembarking vehicles is to be managed – along with hygiene and cleanliness protocols.

To read more about these new procedures, please click here >>



For the most up to date information for visitors coming to the UK, we recommend checking out this fantastic resource Visit Britain have prepared; a  Know Before You Go” guide. For the moment, quarantine is still in place for some international visitors and those returning to Great Britain and Northern Ireland. So, help clients plan their next adventure, and make sure to check the latest government advice and local guidance on travel to ensure you are in the ‘know before you go’


We will be updating this page over the coming weeks with similar information pertaining to visitor attractions & sightseeing companies, who restarted their businesses slightly later than the accommodation sector. Please check back with us again for further updates to our Covid-19 Safety Guidelines.