ASA are proud to announce that we have entered into an exciting new partnership with Visit Britain to support their efforts in bringing key DEF (Discover England Fund) projects to the forefront of the international tourism marketplace. 

We are passionate about supporting the fantastic work Visit Britain carries out at home and overseas and the team at ASA are committed to playing our part in developing England’s tourism product. Working in close collaboration with Visit Britain enables us to present vital tourism messages to key decision makers globally in our key markets, ensuring that new product and destination themes are packaged and presented to our buying audience in a manner that will result in growth of inbound tourism to the UK. Further, showcasing new products, destinations and highlighting the variety of reasons that make the UK such a top-class tourism destination allows us to respond to our consumers needs and fulfill their quest for new knowledge to incorporate into their UK sales portfolio.

You can find out more about our chosen projects here

To find out further information on Visit Britain’s DEF projects, please visit their website.