Warwick Castle -Guided Tours

Warwick Castle -Guided Tours

Warwick Castle have the following Trade Tours available for 2018:

The Conquerors Castle Tour

To celebrate the 950th anniversary of our castle’s existence we are offering a celebratory tour that explores the history around our founder, William the Conqueror. The tour will focus on Anglo-Saxon Warwick, then the fight for the crown of England which culminated in the Battle of Hastings, followed by an insight into the Norman Conquest and William the Conqueror’s rule. Find out how and why Warwick Castle was built by this King of England. This tour takes place primarily outdoors.

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Ultimate Castle Tour

This tour traces the history of Warwick Castle from its foundations as an Anglo-Saxon settlement through to its use as a medieval fortress, a Tudor prison, a stately home and to its current role as an educational and tourist attraction.

It offers a glimpse into the developments, events and people involved in over 1,100 years of the castle’s history. It aims to put the castle’s history into a wider historical context and bring to life its most famous owners.

This tour takes place primarily outdoors.

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Stately Splendour Tour

The Stately Splendour Tour offers guests the chance to experience the last 400 years of the castle’s history, which took place under the Greville family’s ownership.

It focuses on our state rooms: what each room was used for, how they have developed, who used them. It also picks out some of the collection to highlight the fascinating stories behind the items.

This tour takes place primarily indoors.