NEW Summer Campaign for SEA LIFE London

NEW Summer Campaign for SEA LIFE London

Six spectacular reasons to visit SEA LIFE London this summer…
The only place you can see a plethora of marine life from Penguins to Crocodiles.

23rd July – 3rd September 2018
This summer you don’t need to get wet to get closer to marine life. You and your family can explore an incredible array of creatures right here in Central London. Watch your little ones faces light up as they are mesmerised by the sharks and turtles swimming all around them.
So whether you’re looking for a family day out or a date night with your new love, here are six fin-tastic reasons why SEA LIFE London should be on your ‘must-do list’ this season:
  1. NEW! Meet our new stingrays

Joining our Pacu fish this summer will be Motoro Stingrays – also known as peacock-eye stingrays due to their spotted appearance. Visit our new Rainforest experience to catch sight of these beautiful creatures.

  1. Face the sharks

SEA LIFE London is the only place in London where you can snorkel with sharks! You will come face to fin with several species including Sand Tiger, Black Tips and Nurse Sharks.

  1. P-p-penguins 

This summer come and meet our Gentoo penguins, these social creatures enjoy living in colonies and they mate for life!

  1. Walk under our turtles

Our Green Sea Turtles Boris and Phoenix have been with us for several years but are still just young teenagers. At SEA LIFE London you can walk through our ocean tunnel where you can watch them glide through the water alongside an array of fish including unicorn tangs and puffer fish.

  1. Watch clownfish at work

These colourful fish may be small but watch them travel in schools at SEA LIFE London and see how they work hard to keep their habitual anemones clean and healthy.

  1. Take a look at our range of seahorses

We have four different types of sea horses at SEA LIFE London from Hippocampus to Big Bellied Seahorses.

These and many more mesmerizing experiences, including Ocean Invaders: Enter the world of Jellyfish, the Ocean Tunnel and Shark Walk are just some of the incredible experiences awaiting guests, who want to step into the underwater world this summer.